3 Kingdoms 148: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

March 19, 2018

While Jiang Wei scrambles to mount a last-ditch defense, his old nemesis searches for a way to go around his roadblock.

3 Kingdoms Supplemental 016: Learning to Delegate

March 14, 2018

Meet two statesmen who really mastered the art of saying, "That's not in my job description."

3 Kingdoms 147: The Empire Strikes Back

March 12, 2018

Tired of Shu's perpetual encroachment on its borders, Wei decides to take the fight to its nemesis.

3 Kingdoms 146: Pyrrhic Victory

March 5, 2018

Jiang Wei finally gets the better of Deng Ai, but even that ends up backfiring.

3 Kingdoms 145: Even More Chaos at Court

February 19, 2018

Discord between lord and vassal simmers in the court of Shu, while things boil over in the court of Wei.

3 Kingdoms 144: Chaos at Court

February 12, 2018

While the Shu and Wei continue to slug it out in the West, the kingdom of Wu deals with internal unrest at the highest level.

3 Kingdoms 143: How the Southeast Was Won, Again

February 5, 2018

Sima Zhao takes the emperor on a buddy road trip to put down another insurgence in a particularly troublesome part of the kingdom.

3 Kingdoms 142: Mildly Wild West

January 22, 2018

Oh look: Another Northern campaign by the kingdom of Shu. Yawn.

3 Kingdoms Supplemental 015: Zhuge Liang, Fact and Fiction

January 17, 2018

We say so long to the novel's pivotal player and wonder if he was really the genius the book made him out to be.

3 Kingdoms 141: I Would Give My Left Eye for Google Maps!

January 15, 2018

A couple generals down South stir up trouble for Sima Shi. Now if only their forces knew the way to his camp ....