3 Kingdoms 101: The Most Boring Episode

January 9, 2017

You would think the end of a 400-year dynasty would have more action than this, but it's all just decrees, counter-decrees, speeches, humble brags, and an unusually strong gust of wind.

3 Kingdoms 100: Cao Zhi and the Beanstalk

December 26, 2016

Cao Cao's third son finds out what passes for brotherly love in his family.

3 Kingdoms 099: Tears for a Villain

December 19, 2016

Cao Cao grapples with mortality and legacy.

3 Kingdoms Supplemental 009: Guan Yu, Fact and Fiction

December 14, 2016

We bid farewell to the Lord of the Beautiful Beard and talk about that time when Cao Cao stole the woman Guan Yu was going to steal from someone else.

3 Kingdoms 098: Back from the Dead

December 12, 2016

Guan Yu's ghost finds inner peace ... and then starts killing and spooking people.

3 Kingdoms 097: War of Attrition

November 28, 2016

Defeated and leaking troops by the minute, Guan Yu makes a desperate dash for safety.

3 Kingdoms 096: Sneak Attacks

November 21, 2016

While Guan Yu is busy fighting Cao Cao's forces, Lü Meng and Dongwu try to catch him unawares.

3 Kingdoms 095: Anesthesia Is for Wusses

November 14, 2016

After an arrow causes a festering wound, Guan Yu signs up for a bleeding-edge surgical operation.

3 Kingdoms 094: Bringing a Coffin to a Knife Fight

October 31, 2016

With Guan Yu bearing down on a couple of his key cities, Cao Cao dispatches a general who pledges his life to victory and shows he means it.

3 Kingdoms Supplemental 008: Hands Off My Shortbread

October 27, 2016

We delve into the relationship between Cao Cao and his secretary Yang Xiu, a man with a keen understanding of his boss's mind ... and a death wish.